Update your DApp

Update your DApp

One of the most useful features of this DApp Browser is to be able to log-in automatically from a Ledger Live Ethereum account, therefore obviating the step to manually “Connect a Wallet”.

As a DApp developer, you can check if the isLedgerLive boolean is truthy in the injected provider (window.ethereum or from EIP-6963).

The DApp can submit a tx with or without gas fee set. If it is set, Ledger Live will use it as is, otherwise, Ledger Live will propose low/medium/high based on gas fee estimations.

Smooth out user experience

  • Please make sure basic cases are handled.

    For instance, check what happens when you click on the log out or disconnect button in your Dapp. The user may be automatically logged back in Ledger Live injected provider or redirected to the standard list of providers (Metamask, connect wallet, and such…).

  • We currently supports Ethereum mainnet, BSC, arbitrum, optimism, base, fantom and Polygon chains. We also support the Sepolia testnet: to use it, make sur you have a Sepolia testnet account available in Ledger Live. (To enable testnet networks, head over to Settings -> Experimental features and turn on the Developer mode setting.)

  • Please remove any references to third-party services that are not part of the current Ledger environment. You are free however to redirect to Ledger Live Buy or Swap services.

  • UI must be responsive and available for both Desktop and Mobile screen sizes.

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