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Nano App

Get your blockchain supported on Nano S/X

Connect your wallet

How to connect a wallet to a Ledger device

Blockchain support

How to get your currency supported on Ledger Live


Turn your DApp into a Live App in Ledger Live

and the toolbox


Emulate Nano devices on standard desktop computers using Speculos

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Github Repos

Other sources to help you develop for Ledger Live

Ledger Boilerplate App

Boilerplate for a Nano S/X apps

Nano X Secure SDK

SDK for ST33 applications development

Nano S Secure SDK

SDK for ST31 applications development

Ledger Sample Apps

Sample applications for Ledger Blue and Ledger Nano S

Speculos Nano Emulator

Emulate Ledger devices on your computer

App Passwords

Password Manager app

Ledger JS

Communicate with the hardware wallet

Ledger Live Common

Common library of Ledger Live compatible with both desktop and mobile versions

Ledger Live Desktop

Desktop front end

Ledger Live Mobile

Mobile front end

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