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Submit the form

Once your application is ready, start the release process by filling the “Submit form” here (link).

Ledger will then review your application and get in touch with you.

Send your Manifest file

As part of your application submission, you’ll be requested to provide us with your manifest file. You can use our manifest template from the Demo repository (link). Please make sure to test it within your own Ledger Live first to ensure it’s fully functional.

Wait for the Ledger review

After sending your application, it will not be listed in Ledger Live right away. Ledger needs to review and validate the code, from a functionality, security, design and business point of view.

An application will be listed publicly (official Ledger support) only when:

  • It has been tested and validated by at least someone from Ledger Developer Success Team,
  • It passed the security audit (including plugin when necessary),
  • Ledger is ready to communicate officially about the app release (tweet, blogpost, website page update),
  • Customer support pages are available on Ledger Help Center,
  • General T&Cs have been signed,
  • There is a link for a tutorial hosted on third party website,
  • Contact information (Name, Surname, Legal Entity, URL, email address, phone number) have been provided in the application form,
  • A video of your application running in the Ledger Discover section has been provided in the application form.

Once Ledger finishes the review, your application is added to the Ledger Live “Discover” section, and all our users are able to use it.

Contact us

If you are a developer and wish to get in touch with our engineering team, don’t wait and reach out to us on Discord. Please introduce your project to the developer community in the #introductions channel.

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