Rpc Node


WalletAPIServer extends the abstract class RPCNode, so let's first dig into what RPCNode is:

Class diagram overview 📝


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  • transport: allows our server to communicate with the webview
    • receives message from webview with transport.onMessage being set to this.handleMessage
    • sends message to webview with transport.send on error / response.


  • requests: ignore it, used only by WalletAPIClient
  • handleMessage: forwards RPC message to handleRequest or handleResponse
    • if handleRequest is called, it calls onRequest method of the WalletAPIServer


sends a message to the app using this.transport.send

RPC Requests

 * A rpc call is represented by sending a Request object to a Server.
type RpcRequest<MParam = string, TParam = unknown> = {
   * A String specifying the version of the JSON-RPC protocol. **MUST** be exactly "2.0".
  jsonrpc: "2.0";
   * A String containing the name of the method to be invoked.
  method: MParam;
   * A Structured value that holds the parameter values
   * to be used during the invocation of the method.
  params?: TParam;
   * An identifier established by the Client that **MUST** contain a `String`, `Number`,
   * or `NULL` value if included.
   * If it is not included it is assumed to be a notification.
   * The value **SHOULD** normally not be Null and Numbers **SHOULD NOT** contain fractional parts
  id?: string | number | null;
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