Use your live app
Import your manifest

Import your manifest in Ledger Live

If not done already, you must have Ledger Live Desktop installed on your computer. Head over to the download page (opens in a new tab) to get started.

You also need your Ledger Device (Nano S or X) in order to access Ledger Live.

In order to add a local manifest to Ledger Live and run a not yet available Live App, you must enable the Developer mode.

To activate the Developer mode in Ledger Live, go to :

  1. Settings -> About
  2. Click ten times on the Ledger Live version.

You will then see a new Developer section in the settings menu.


Once done, make sure to turn on Enable platform dev tools as it will allow you to open a browser-like developer tools window to inspect your app.


Then click on Browse next to Add a local app and select the manifest you created in the previous section.


You will then see a new row in the menu with the name of your Live App.


Now that you have added your Live App in your local Ledger Live application, it’s time to open it and test it.

We’ll see this in the next section.

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