Using the Currency Module in Wallet API Core Client

The Currency Module enables interaction with various cryptocurrencies that are supported by the connected wallet. You can list the cryptocurrencies and apply filters by name or ticker.

Currency Module Overview

Access the Currency module via walletApiClient.currency.


1. List Cryptocurrencies

List the cryptocurrencies supported by the connected wallet. You can optionally provide filters by currency IDs.

walletApiClient.currency.list(params?: { currencyIds?: string[] }): Promise<Currency[]>


  • params (optional): An object which may contain:
  • currencyIds (optional): An array of strings specifying the currency IDs to filter the cryptocurrencies.

Returns: A promise that resolves with an array of Currency objects.

Required permission: (opens in a new tab) currency.list

async function listCurrencies(walletApiClient, currencyIds) {
  try {
    // List all supported cryptocurrencies
    const currencies = await walletApiClient.currency.list();
    console.log('Supported cryptocurrencies:', currencies);
    // Optionally, filter by currency IDs
    const filteredCurrencies = await walletApiClient.currency.list({ currencyIds: currencyIds });
    console.log('Filtered cryptocurrencies:', filteredCurrencies);
  } catch (error) {
    console.error('Error listing cryptocurrencies:', error);

Note: Filtering by currency IDs is marked as beta and may not be fully implemented yet.

Handling Errors

Make sure to handle errors gracefully and provide appropriate feedback to the user. Additionally, always remember to disconnect the WindowMessageTransport when you're done interacting with the Ledger Wallet API to free up resources.

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