Using the Bitcoin Module in Wallet API Core Client

The Bitcoin Module allows you to interact with Bitcoin accounts. Specifically, you can retrieve the extended public key (xPub) of a Bitcoin account. This is useful for deriving Bitcoin addresses without revealing the private key.

Bitcoin Module Overview

Access the Bitcoin module via walletApiClient.bitcoin.


1. Get Extended Public Key (xPub)

Retrieve the extended public key (xPub) of a Bitcoin account. The xPub can be used to derive Bitcoin addresses without exposing the private key.

walletApiClient.bitcoin.getXPub(accountId: string): Promise<string>


  • accountId (required): The ID of the Bitcoin account for which the xPub is to be retrieved.

Returns: A promise that resolves with the xPub as a string.

Required permission: (opens in a new tab) bitcoin.getXPub

async function getXPub(walletApiClient, accountId) {
  try {
    const xPub = await walletApiClient.bitcoin.getXPub(accountId);
    console.log('Extended Public Key (xPub):', xPub);
  } catch (error) {
    console.error('Error retrieving xPub:', error);

Handling Errors

Make sure to handle errors gracefully and provide appropriate feedback to the user. Additionally, always remember to disconnect the WindowMessageTransport when you're done interacting with the Ledger Wallet API to free up resources.

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