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This section will help you transform your Web3 application into a Live App.

Live Apps are services that have been integrated into Ledger Live Discover section. Many applications such as Paraswap, Moonpay or Lido, have already been integrated.

By having your application supported in a Ledger DApp browser, you offer security, ease and accessibility to millions of users.

The main phases to get your Live App officially released are:

  • Development which includes:
  • Agreement between you and Ledger regarding the Terms & Conditions, and validation of the integration by Ledger. The Agreement can be finalised during the development phase, as there may already be a common understanding. Please note Ledger can request additional information about your project whenever it’s required. If you want to know more, or if you simply want get in touch, then reach out to Ledger on Discord.

  • Review and acceptance is about Ledger reviewing your proposed changes and validating them. Your support will most likely be required along the way to facilitate the functional and security review process. Please note the manifest file will be required when submitting your Live App to Ledger for review and official release. Ledger scope of review will ensure your application is functional, safe to use, well documented, and compliant with Ledger Terms & Conditions.

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