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By having your web3 DApp supported in a Ledger DApp browser, you increase the security of your application and also make it easier for your users, while simultaneously having access to over 3 million Ledger Live users.

The main phases to get your Live App officially released are:

  • Development which includes implementing the DApp on your server, writing the Live App manifest, and the Nano application plugin used with it. You will find the signposted instructions for each part on the following pages.

    A - Implement and Test your DApp Server
    B - Insert the Manifest in Ledger Live
    C - Write the Nano App Plugin
        - Integrate a Token (if not already supported in Ledger Live)
           Please refer to this doc if you want to integrate new tokens in addition to a DApp.

  • Agreement between you and Ledger regarding the Terms & Conditions, and validation of the integration by Ledger. The Agreement can be finalised during the development phase, as there may already be a common understanding. If you want to know more, or if you simply want get in touch, join the Ledger’s Discord server. Please reach out to us before submitting your DApp plugin.

  • Review and acceptance is about Ledger reviewing your proposed changes and accepting them. Your support will most likely be required along the way. Please note the manifest file will be required when submitting your Live App to Ledger for review and official release.

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