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Query Contract ID

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The Ethereum App asks for information to be displayed. For the moment, it just wants an overview of this method (in our case, a swap). Let’s look at what needs to be done.

The device screen has two lines. For example:

|  Ledger  |    <-- Upper line
|   Rocks   |    <-- Bottom line

In this call, the upper line is msg->name. It is the Plugin name. The bottom line is msg->version (legacy name, etc.). It is the action context, for example “Stake”, “Vote”, “Buy”, etc. In our example, the user is swapping, so we use “Swap”.

The boilerplate repository already contains code that copies PLUGIN_NAME to msg->name, so we only need to handle the switch case condition:

switch (context->selectorIndex) {
        strlcpy(msg->version, "Swap", msg->versionLength);

This results in the following screen:

| Uniswap |
|    Swap    |

That’s it! Now we can proceed to the last section.

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