TRC10 and TRC20

TRC10 and TRC20

How to request a token addition

1. Is my TRC10 or TRC20 token listed?

First, make sure your token isn’t already listed by checking this table of the supported crypto-assets (opens in a new tab).


The list of supported assets on the website is managed through an internal Ledger process. For the moment it’s difficult to guarantee the exact mapping between tokens available on Ledger Live and listed on the website.

2. How to get my token listed?

1. Update the ledgerjs package (opens in a new tab).1. Update the ledgerjs package (opens in a new tab).
2. A specific signature is required on the Tron Embedded App (opens in a new tab).2. Update both src/tokens.c and src/tokens.h in the Tron Embedded App (opens in a new tab).

To ensure both these topics are handled properly, we invite you to contact our engineering team through the Ledger's Discord server

What next?

This is all you need to do. We will review the list of tokens on a bi-montly basis and will apply our own internal signature process. Once signed, the new tokens will become available after a Ledger Live update. Ledger reserves the right to decide which token will be listed.

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