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How to request a token addition

1. Is my ERC20 or BEP20 token listed?

First, make sure your token isn’t already listed by checking this table of the supported crypto-assets.

Please note you can easily change the tag version to check the content of a specific Ledger Live version.

The list of supported assets on the website is managed through an internal Ledger process. For the moment it’s difficult to guarantee the exact mapping between tokens available on Ledger Live and listed on the website.

2. How to get my token listed?

Fill in this form:

Please make sure to share with us the details of your ERC20 or BEP20 token, and a link to Etherscan or BSCscan to allow us to double check the information.

3. How do I add my token icon? (only for ERC20)

Ledger Live relies on this repository to manage coins and tokens icons. Please make a PR to the repository to get your token icon visible on Ledger Live.

You can find an example of such Pull Request here

In order to keep integration of icons homogeneous through our app we don’t allow for use of gradients in icons and usually use a flat design icon. Also prefer merging all the paths together as we will parse the svg file in order to export components for our mobile and desktop app from it, replacing the fill attribute everywhere we find it by the associated color. Here are a list of supported svg tags you can use to structure your icon:

  • path
  • rect
  • circle
  • polygon
  • line
  • polyline
  • ellipse
  • g

Please take a look at the other icons we have in the repository in order to see what is the required format.

What will Ledger do?

We will review the list of tokens on a bi-montly basis and will apply our own internal signature process. Once signed, the new tokens will become available after a Ledger Live update. Ledger reserves the right to decide which token will be listed.

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