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Our goal is to offer the best swap experience for our users in Ledger Live, by providing competitive quotes and security.

To offer our partner centralized exchanges the best time-to-market and and our users the best swap experience, we have built an hybrid solution:

  • Native swap marketplace: An aggregator on Ledger Live listing our partners depending on the region, token coverage and prices.
  • Partner Web app: A Live App experience (embedded web app) where users interact with the partner web app in Ledger Live, once they want to finalize the swap. The transaction is performed with ExchangeSDK.

This section of the documentation explains how the swap feature is displayed to the user in Ledger Live and how your web app is integrated into this hybrid solution.

Full transaction flow

transaction flow


  • Coin: The native currency on the blockchain.
  • Token: Not the native currency on the blockchain. If the blockchain is “Ethereum”, then only “id”: “ETH” has the type “coin”. All the other currencies on the Ethereum network have the type “token”. Here is an example of USDC on the ethereum network.
              "type": "coin",
              "blockchain": "ethereum",
              "chainId": 1
              "id": "USDC",
              "type": "token",
              "blockchain": "ethereum",
              "chainId": 1,
              "contract": "0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48"
  • Account: The Ledger wallet address on a cryptocurrency network. A user can have several accounts on the same blockchain (several ethereum addresses for instance)
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