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Provider's LiveApp

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The LiveApp needs to respond to a deeplink with some parameters.

The deeplink format is already fixed and will depend on the information you provided inside your LiveApp manifest (ex: ledgerlive://discover/swapprovidername). The query params for this deeplink are:

  • quoteId: The id retrieved by Ledger’s backend during a quote request.
  • fromAmount: The amount of currency.
  • fromAccountId: The user’s account id in Ledger Live repository.
  • toAccountId: The user’s account id in Ledger Live repository.
  • rate: the rate differences in the pair.
  • feeStrategy: SLOW, MEDIUM, FAST or CUSTOM.
  • initFeeTotalValue: initial transaction total fee.
  • customFeeConfig(optional, required for CUSTOM feeStrategy): Custom fee configuration in case the strategy is of type CUSTOM. The key-value object is encoded in URI parameter.

Example: ``` ledgerlive://discover/swapprovidername?quoteId=1234&fromAmount=12.3&fromAccountId=07AB5930-C73A-433F-A2FA-920640AF3A02&toAccountId=76A239EB-1C2A-4237-B942-CA87472106EB&rate=79.09405555555555555556&feeStrategy=SLOW&initFeeTotalValue=878198522989412

ledgerlive://discover/swapprovidername?quoteId=1234&fromAmount=0.09&fromAccountId=82f48c06-6170-536e-a21b-56b30b02b58d&toAccountId=c0c4493e-fc4b-50b6-b1a0-566f1a751521&rate=79.09405555555555555556&feeStrategy=CUSTOM&initFeeTotalValue=878198522989412&customFeeConfig=%7B%22maxFeePerGas%22%3A%2212000000000%22%2C%22maxPriorityFeePerGas%22%3A%221000000000%22%2C%22userGasLimit%22%3Anull%2C%22gasLimit%22%3A%2221000%22%7D ``

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