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Ledger's Endpoints

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To complete the transaction, you need to provide to the LiveApp SDK a payload that will be signed by the user’s device (e.g. Ledger Nano).

POST /swap/payload

  • Function: Create a binary payload which contains all information needed to fullfil a swap transaction.
  • Input:
    • provider: your id or name known by Ledger for identification purpose.
    • quoteId: provider’s id of the quote request done at the begining of the flow.
    • swapId: provider’s id of the ongoing swap transaction. This will be used by Ledger’s backend to retrieve the status of user swap transaction.
    • payinAddress: provider’s address.
    • payinAddressExtraId: tag or memo (optional).
    • refundAddress: user’s refund address. This address is generaly the fromAddress.
    • refundAddressExtraId: tag or memo (optional).
    • payoutAddress: user’s payout transaction address.
    • payoutAddressExtraId: tag or memo (optional).
    • currencyFrom: from currency id, using your identifiers.
    • currencyTo: to currency id, using you identifiers.
    • amountToProvider: amount of currencyFrom that the provider expects to receive from client.
    • amountToWallet: amount of currencyTo that the provider agrees to send to the client in exchange from amountToProvider. This amount must also include the network fees that the provider will pay to send the crypto to the user.
    • nonce: value to use for device_transaction_id field in the protobuf payload.
  • Output: payload in a binary format.
    In case of an error, returns the same payload as /check_quote.

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