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This is a summary of the requirements guidelines that detailed in the Code part.

For fast and efficient Nano App development, make sure you have read all the requirements before starting to code. And make sure you have double-checked them before submitting your Nano App.


Your must submit the user operations Flow. See the ETH template example given.


Your Nano App must comply with all the Security requirements (Updated in Sep 2021). Security aspect apply to building the code, testing, (including automated testing), the use of BOLOS flags, the derivation path, exception calls, the handling of key-derived secrets, the signing process. (The lst is not exhaustive)

Ledger will not pass the Security Audit for an App if potential errors have been detected by Clang Static Analyzer.
Make sure you use the Clang Static Analyzer in GitHub your workflow, and that all Vulnerabilities are detected and corrected

Your Repos must have a test folder that contains Unit Tests list and your functional Tests.

Display Management

The Nano App must follow the Display requirements. These deal with flow an layouts.
In particular, you must submit the flow with your app


There are strict rules for using memory. Memory requirements include the initialization of memory, the method of writing to memory, for example. The page also describes how erase/write cycles should be optimized for flash memory, and the proper use of cache memory.


The I/O requirements pages talk about error codes, the proper and clean way of using try contexts.


The Functional requirements lists General requirements, as well as Blind signing, Wallet requirements, and those for smart contracts, Token support and Staking features.


Documentation is important for the Approval of your app, as your app will not be released without it. Your documentation must follow the Documentation requirements so that Ledger uses a solid common documentation basis.


Marketing requirements


The design of your device app will be added to our website to inform that your app is available. You must provide two icons that are compliant with the criteria established by our team. You must download the template on the page, fill it it with your Icon, and include filled template in your app submission form. Design requirements

Support and Maintenance

You must agree to the Support and maintenance requirements

Warranty and Liability

You must agree to the Warranty and liability disclaimer

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