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This article is a fast track to quickly setting up your BOLOS development environment up.

If you want to set up your environment following more detailed explanations, read the next article.

1 - Setting up the environment

1 - Download this script to setup and configure the development environment for Nano apps.

2 - Move the script to your working folder.

mv setup-env <my-working-folder>

3 - Run the script:

source setup-env

The setup take a couple of minutes to run. Here is a video to show what is happening.

2 - Get the sample Boilerplate app

Applications that support multiple BOLOS devices are typically contained within a single repository, so you can use the same repository to build an app for different Ledger devices. Just make sure that you’ve set BOLOS_SDK to the appropriate SDK for the device you’re using. The Makefiles used by our apps use the contents of the SDK to determine which device you’re using.

The app-boilerplate is a thoroughly documented app that was specifically designed for developers to play around with and read the code.

git clone https://github.com/LedgerHQ/app-boilerplate.git

3 - Building the app

Now you can let the Makefile do all the work. The load target will build the app if necessary and load it onto your device over USB.

cd app-boilerplate/
make load
The Nano X does not support side loading, therefore you must use the device emulator Speculos for loading to work.

This video shows the loading and the public key verification (00:25”) and the application hash verification (00:44”). It ends showing the Boilerplate app is correctly installed on the Nano.

4 - Deleting the app from the Nano

The app can be deleted from the Nano like so:

make delete

This video shows the app being unloaded, the public key verification (00:07”) and the identifer hash (00:15”). The app is completely uninstalled at 00:19”.

Moving on

This was the app-boilerplate. If you want to get inspired, very good codebases are available for you to learn from.

The app-sia and solana are also a thoroughly documented app written by the community. If you wish to study fully-fledged apps, these are the one for you.

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