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7 - Marketing

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Requirement Summary

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The requirement is to submit a Google Doc containing a marketing plan that includes roadmap, dates, and actions. See details below.

Marketing actions

Twitter announcement

A Twitter announcement is the minimal communication requirement.

It must include the following:

  • A message about the secure storage of assets
  • An link to Ledger hardware wallet. You can use an affiliate link or a regular link. Our affiliate program allows you to earn 10% of each hardware sale in Bitcoin or Fiat.

Your tweet can be retweeted by @Ledger or @Ledger_Support if the publication planning allows it.

Blog post / Press Release (optional)

If you choose to publish a blog post (or a press release) and the Blockchain is in top 50 CMC, the blog post can include a quote from Ledger’s CEO, CTO, one of our Founders, or another c-level executive regarding the collaboration and the impact it will have on your project.

Co-branded device give-aways (optional)

Finally, Ledger offers a co-branded partnership that will help you customize your marketing and reward your community. All details from standard to dropshipping options are given on our website.

Co-branded partnerships or affiliate links do not change the Ledger marketing plan timeline.

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