Developing a nano app

Find the necessary instructions to develop an app for Ledger devices

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Get in touch with the Ledger developer community

If you’re already signed up to the Ledger Devs Slack workspace, introduce yourself to the developer community in #introductions and get help in #support. Otherwise, send us a request by filling this contact form.

You can join the following channels to discuss more precise topics:

  • #ledgerjs for all questions regarding the ledgerjs libraries
  • #rust-sdk to build Bolos apps in Rust

Start coding

Nano applications are developed in C on the Blockchain Open Ledger Operating System (BOLOS).

To develop a Nano Application you will need to:

  • Use Linux or a VM with Linux installed
  • Set up the BOLOS environment (consisting of the Nano S or X SDK, and two compilers)

Familiarize yourself with the BOLOS platform

BOLOS is the operating system behind all Ledger personal security devices. It provides a lightweight, open-source framework for developers to build source code portable applications that run in a secure environment.

Learn about the BOLOS platform

Set up the BOLOS development environment

In order to build or compile BOLOS applications for Ledger devices, the appropriate environment must be set up. This environment consists in an SDK and two compilers. Quickstart with our script and/or go into more details about the script.


If you want to improve the documentation you can use the contribution form or make suggestions on the Ledger’s Developer Slack

Submit your app for the Ledger Live manager

Make sure that your app is ready before submitting it for review and that you have followed instructions from our documentation.

Design guidelines

The design of your device app will be added to our website to inform that your app is available. You must provide two icons that are compliant with the criteria established by our team. See the design guidelines here.

Internal process

When an app is submitted it will go through 3 main steps which are the functional review, the security review and the documentation review.

Click the links to see security requirements, documentation requirements, and functional requirements.


Once your app is ready and you have made sure it follows our guidelines, you can submit it by completing a form. Make sure you thoroughly complete it as it will impact the speed of the release process.

Go to the submission form here.

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