Wich process for your Ethereum clone? | Developers

Wich process for your Ethereum clone?

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What is an clone Nano App ?

A variant, or clone, Nano App is developed when all the logic for signing transaction can be contained in the parent coin Nano Application.

Just as for any Nano Application, you must follow our guidelines to comply Ledger’s publication requirements.

Which developement process for your Ethereum clone?

Depending on your derivation path, the process will vary.

Get in touch with the Ledger developer community

Joing Discord is not required to code your Nano Application, but it will be easier to meet with our team and discuss the specifics of your project. Join us on the Ledger’s Discord server and introduce your project in the #nano-app channel.

What if my coin is a Bitcoin clone?

New Bitcoin clone

For any other type of clone, use the main Nano App process.

Update an existing clone

If your Bitcoin clone was includind in the Bitcoin Nano App and you need to update it, please start a new Nano App process.

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