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7 Use-cases

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Each of the use-cases below is a development roadmap.

Which one do you associate with?

Just click on the link and follow the instructions to complete your app.

Also check out the Release types on the following page to know what level of detail will be requested.

Case 1 - Ext Development

This is for people who do not feel up to coding themselves, and who rather entrust the development to experienced teams.
If you are trying to “Find an External Dev to do this for me”, go here.

Case 2 - Boilerplate

If you are a newcomer, and you quickly want to get a hands-on experience, this tutorial is for you.
You can do the Boilerplate tutorial in around 6mn!

Case 3 - ETH Clones

If your Application is for an Ethereum Clone, then your development is a lot simpler and faster.
Head over to the Ethereum Clones page, and follow the instructions there

Case 4 - Classic Dev

For Embedded Apps that authorize blockchain operations, this use-case takes you through the full development cycle Full development, based on well-written examples.

Case 5 - Fast-track

Based on the Classic Development, this case is for Apps that are

  • forked from existing apps, and
  • whose final code differs only by 20% or so.
    Check it out: Fast-Track development

Case 6 - Experimental

For non-crypto Embedded App, called “Experimental”, even if they’re not.

Case 7 - App porting for Stax

This is for projects that already have a Nano App and want to adapt it for Stax.

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