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Stax porting steps

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1. Adapt your app

These are all the steps you need to do to port your Nano App for Stax devices:

  • Create icons in 32*32px and 64*64px. Read more.
  • Update your Makefile for Stax Specific defines (check the app-boilerplate repository). You should look at:
    • BLE: Same AppFlags, defines and SDK_SOURCE_PATH as for NanoX
    • UX sdk lib and defines
  • Update io_event() to handle SEPROXYHAL_TAG_FINGER_EVENT
  • In main(), make sure to call os_setting_get(OS_SETTING_PLANEMODE, NULL, 0) and BLE_power() depending on ifdef HAVE_BLE so that Stax is included.
  • Create new UX flow for Stax using NBGL library. Make sure to follow the design guidelines. Read more.
  • Test the build with ledger-app-builder last docker image. Read more.
  • Add CI tests using Ledger reusable workflow. Read more.
  • Add functional test of all your flow using Ragger. Read more.

You can have a look at the app-boilerplate corresponding commits to see the different changes and how they were made.

2. Open a PR and submit the form

Open a PR on your application’s repository and submit the form to inform us of the update.

To ensure a quick review of your update, do not make any other change than those needed to port your app.

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