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The requirement is to submit two icons and to follow the design instructions below.
You agree to the design warranty liability clause.

You must provide two icons that are compliant with the criteria established by our team. You must download the template on the page, fill it it with your Icon, and include the filled template in your app submission form. Submitting icons that are not compliant will slow down the process of publishing your embedded App.

There are 2 mandatory icons that should be provided for Ledger to release an app:

  • The Manager icon, displayed in the Manager application list in Ledger Live
  • The Device icon, displayed on the Ledger dashboard (this consists in 1 icon for the Nano S and one Icon for the Nano S Plus and the Nano X)

Manager icon

  • RGB colors only
  • Pictogram color should be white
  • Pictrogram stroke should be 4pt

Device icon

  • The icon file does not contain any alpha channel
  • Gradients are not allowed
  • The background color should be solid
  • Two sizes of squared icons : 32px & 64px
  • Pixel art icon (black on white)
You can use Photopea to create your icons.

Icon templates

Click on an image to download the corresponding .ai file, and fill them directly before sending them back. They should correspond to the icons used to compile your app.

Manager icon template (click to access Illustrator file)
Device icon template (click to download the Illustrator file)

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