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Nano X

The Nano X does not support side loading, therefore you must use the device emulator Speculos for loading to work. See how to install and use it.

Nano S, S Plus and Stax

Before loading an application, make sure you have enough space on the device.

1. Define the udev rules

If you wish to load applications on your device, you must add the appropriate udev rules. The following rules are on a official Ledger repository.

wget -q -O - | sudo bash

2. Load and delete

While the Container image is running, at the root of the app‑boilerplate file:


  1. Connect and unlock the Nano S, Nano S Plus or Stax.
  2. Use BOLOS_SDK=$NANOS_SDK make load (BOLOS_SDK=$NANOSP_SDK make load for S Plus and BOLOS_SDK=$STAX_SDK make load for Stax)
  3. You can exit the image, with the command exit.


  1. Connect and unlock the Nano S or Nano S Plus.
  2. Type make delete to delete it
  3. You can exit the image, with the command exit.

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