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Basic process

End-to-end architecture of a BOLOS application
Development flow

The flow was originally designed for Linux. That is what the hatched box above shows.
The develpment then became suitable for Macs, with the Build part remaining the same for both.


The Build process is common for all platforms, it uses the Ledger App Builder which is the Container image that holds the dependencies to compile an application for Nano hardware wallets. It has its own repository.

1 - Build the Ledger App Builder
2 - Build the Embedded App


The Load part is platform dependent

  • Linux:
  • Mac:

Explanation of the various options

  • Linux: You don't need for a VM
  • Mac: You have thee choice of using a VM or not
  • Windows: You need a VM

Pros/Cons of each option

Using commands

Loading with Linux or Mac

Within the image/with ledgerblue

With/without VM

With/without docker Container

(various combinations of usage for Load/Build)

Embedded App Folder organization

Warnings / prerequisites

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1. Build the Container
Getting Started
Theme Features

Embedded Apps