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We provide a complete framework to develop Embedded Apps for our devices. This Framework contains:

  • An App Boilerplate
  • An App Builder
  • CI workflows
  • A test framework integrated in this CI, called Ragger
  • A device simulator called Speculos

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App Boilerplate

An Boilerplate to test our Framework or to kickstart your Embedded App project. See how to build it and load it on a device in this section.

App Builder

A tool to build your application with our Docker image, so that it is always up to date with the latest standards and dependences. See how to use it in this section.


In the App Boilerplate you will find a list of workflows to set up an efficient CI pipeline for your project.

Two of these workflows are a requirement to submit your embedded application:

  • Build_and_functional_tests, which will build the app and run functional tests using the Ragger framework upon Speculos emulation
  • Guidelines_enforcer, which calls a reusable workflow guidelines_enforcer developed by Ledger’s internal developer team


A Python framework which aims at simplifying the test and overall automatic manipulation of applications running on Ledger devices. It is used by the App Boilerplate’s CI. You can read the full Ragger documentation here.


A Ledger device simulator. It is used by the App Boilerplate’s CI. You can read the full Speculos documentation here.

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