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1 - Using the 44/60 path

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Follow this process if your chain uses the 44/60 path.

Start here

Instead of building your application in a separate repository, you will make changes to the Ethereum app.

  • Fork the Ethereum app
  • Before committing your changes remember to sign your commits.
  • Please make your changes to the develop branch
For security reasons, the repository is set up to accept only pull requests with signed commits. To sign your commits, use the -S flag : $ git commit -S -m your commit message

1. Modify app-ethereum/src_common/network.c

Add your chain ID, chain name and Ticker to network.c following this example:

{.chain_id = 592, .name = "Astar", .ticker = "ASTR "};

2. Add your Network to Chainlist.org and SLIP-0044

  • Chainlist.org: Click “Add Your Network +” on the Chainlist homepage and follow the ReadMe to add your Network.

  • SLIP-0044: Open a PR to add your network in this file

Build the Application

To build the clone application, follow these guidelines.

First run the make command for the Ethereum App and run make load

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