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1 Introduction

You don’t need to follow all the contents of the “What to do” chapter.
Just do all the steps below, to complete this use-case.

It is called “fast-track” when a Classic Development (Case 4) only has 20% code changes wrt to a forked Public Embedded Application.

In this case, acceptance will be faster, on condition that the Blockchaine has a high enough Market Cap rating. See this page.

2 What to do

  Parachain Cosmos-like
Name Yes Yes
Security Yes Yes
Features Depends Depends
Icon Yes Yes
Documentation Yes Yes
Support Yes Yes
Marketing Yes Yes
Comp. Wallet Yes Yes
Function Tests Yes Yes
Automated testing Yes Yes
Test funds Yes Yes
Warr/Liability accpt Yes Yes

3 Build & Load and use the Toolbox

Refer to Build & Load Debug & Test Toolbox and following pages

4 Submit your App

Use and submit the Form to complete the process Submission form

5 Finished!

We will contact you via Discord to let you know how your submission is doing.

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