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Build & Load App

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With the Ledger Framework, you can build and load Embedded Apps on Linux, Mac and Windows, very easily, with the Visual Code Ledger extension.


How-to build and load

  1. Have Docker running
  2. Open the Boilerplate App or your own App in Visual Studio Code
  3. Use Ledger extension’s sidebar menu or open the tasks menu with ctrl + shift + b (command + shift + b on a Mac) to conveniently execute actions:
    • To pull and run the Docker image chose Run dev-tools image
    • To build your app chose Build app
    • To load it to a device, chose Load app on device

For more information, or if you want to manually Build and Load your app, read the Boilerplate App documentation.

Actions flow

The other actions are described in the Boilerplate App repository.

Here is the usual flow for using theses actions:

Development phases

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