Clone Applications

What is a clone?

A clone is developed when all the logic for signing transactions can be contained in the parent coin Device Application.

As for any Device Application, you must follow our guidelines to comply with Ledger publication requirements.

What to do?

1. Read the coding guidelines

You don't need to follow all the coding guidelines. Only follow the steps below:

Eth ClonesBTC Clones
Derivation PathNoYes
Blind SigningDependsDepends
Functional TestsYesYes
Warranty / Liability acceptanceYesYes

2. Build & Load and use the Ledger framework

Refer to this chapter.

3. Submit your Clone

Refer to this chapter.

4. Finished!

We will contact you via Discord to let you know how your submission is doing.

Get in touch with the Ledger developer community

Joining Discord is not required to code your Device Application, but it will be easier to meet with our team and discuss the specifics of your project. Join us on the Ledger's Discord server (opens in a new tab) and introduce your project in the #dev-support channel.

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