Quick Start Your Project with the Ledger VS Code Extension

Jumpstart your project from building to testing your app using the Ledger VS Code extension. Follow the tutorials below for a step-by-step guide.


Tutorial #1: Set Up Your Development Environment and Build Your App

Watch this helpful tutorial video for a visual guide on setting up your development environment and app building:

What's in the video?

  1. Set Up the Environment:
  • Make sure Docker is up and running.
  • Make sure you have an X11 server running :
    • On Ubuntu Linux, it should be running by default.
    • On macOS, install and launch XQuartz
    • On Windows, install and launch VcXsrv
    • ℹ️ On macOS and Windows, make sure to configure the X server so that client connections are allowed.
  • Install the Ledger extension in VS Code from here (opens in a new tab).
  1. Open and Prepare the Boilerplate:

  2. Build and Load Your App:

    • Within VS Code, you can either use the Ledger extension's sidebar menu or open the tasks menu with Ctrl + Shift + B (Command + Shift + B on Mac).
    • To compile your app, choose the target (Ledger S, S Plus, X, Stax, Flex) and choose Build app
    • To load your app onto a Ledger device (also known as "sideloading"), select Load app on device

Tutorial #2: Functional tests

Enhance your app's reliability by learning how to conduct functional tests:

Tutorial #3: Device operations

Get acquainted with essential device operations to streamline your development process:

What's in the video?

  1. Quick initial device setup. This setup allows you to skip the "normal" setup of a device and will asign your device a generic seed and pin from the extension settings. For safety reason we remind you that:
    • The seed phrase loaded during the quick setup is exclusively for testing
    • The only safe seed phrase is the one generated by your Nano
    • You can factory reset your Nano after your test
  2. Load and delete applications on a device

Now, you're all set to build, load, and test an application. Feel free to modify the Boilerplate to tailor it to your project's requirements.

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