What you can code
The C app boilerplate

The C boilerplate application

The C Boilerplate application (which is the default Boilerplate application, contrary to the much more recent Rust Boilerplate application) is taylored to showcase both the capabilities of the Ledger Secure C SDK and our development environment and tools.

By cloning this application, you should find extensive examples on how to managed APDU communication, declare UI flows, use cryptographic APIs, but also how to integrate into our build and test environment, and how to deploy your application.

With very little changes, you should be able to quickly have an application of your own.

Click here (opens in a new tab) to fork the repository and start your project.


In the App Boilerplate you will find a list of workflows (opens in a new tab) to set up an efficient CI pipeline for your project.

Two of these workflows are a requirement to submit your device application:

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