App deployment process

How the submission of an app goes?

Release flow

This process is applicable to first submissions and to App updates.

Application repository flow

To be able to deploy an application (and sometimes test or apply modifications), Ledger will fork the application's repository.

Our fork will have its own Git flow, which will help us keep track of what code is deployed in production or not, through branches and tags.

Basically, all of the work and PR is made into or against a develop branch. Ledger will also deploy application from develop to specific, test providers (number 4 except for Stax application which usually are deployed on 12).

This application will not be available for most Ledger Live users which use the default, production provider (number 1), but it is available for anyone changing the provider number ("Settings > Experimental features > My Ledger provider"), so that it allows real-life testing and qualification.

Further fixes or modification before the application is deemed ready will be merged from the developer's repository into this develop branch.

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