External Development: need a team to build your Device App?

You need an device app but don't have an application developer in your team?

The following companies have experience building Device Apps, feel free to contact them to talk about your project:

If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact us on Discord.

You can still try to start your project on your own, using our development framework that contains the basis you need to build an application, load it on a device or on the Speculos emulator, and test your application with Ragger. Get started here.

Security audit: your agreement with our partners


Ensure your device app meets all necessary requirements and is fully tested before initiating a security audit with our partners

When your device app is ready to go through the security audit, you can contact one of our partners:

They both follow Ledger specifications and will provide a full report with potential vulnerabilites.

Important aspects of your agreement:

  • Time: When the auditors will be able to start the review.
  • Cost: The external audit will be entirely at your expense.
  • Maintenance: You must include a clause for updates or sign a new contract for any major update. If you don't, your app will not be updated by Ledger and might be delisted from My Ledger apps store if it is breaking.

Ledger is not a stakeholder in the contract between you and our partners.

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