You are required to submit a video demo of your Device App as described below (For Ledger Nano only).

UI Flows

To create the flow you will show in the video, we recommend you follow the UI flows shown below.

Send and receive examples

Please create your flow following the given Ethereum example.

It contains the basic functions App information, Receive and send operations. Include the main operations that your device app contains. Try to apply the same kind of flow design for all of them.

Blind signing

In case you need the users to blind sign transactions, you will need to include the blind signing flows.

  • This screen should be displayed when blind signing is not enabled and the user wants to sign a transaction requiring blind signing:

Blind signing not enabled
  • How to modify the blind signing settings:

  • When blind signing is enabled:


You must create your own video using the example given.

On the video demo you must show on a real device how to:

  • Import account
  • Verify address
  • Accept / reject a coin transfer transaction
  • Show settings

If applicable :

  • Transfer a token
  • Delegate/Stake/Vote

If blind signing is implemented:

  • Sign a blind signed transaction while setting is disabled
  • Sign a blind signed transaction while setting is enabled

Reminder : Blind signed operations must only be accessible behind a setting that must be disabled by default (see blind signing section)

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