The requirement is to submit a Google Doc containing a marketing plan that includes roadmap, dates, and actions. See details below.

Marketing actions

Twitter announcement (mandatory)

On the Blockchain's project account

A Twitter announcement is the minimal communication requirement.

It must include the following:

  • A message about the secure storage of assets
  • An link to Ledger hardware wallet. You can use an affiliate link or a regular link. Our affiliate program (opens in a new tab) allows you to earn 10% of each hardware sale in Bitcoin or Fiat.

On Ledger account

  • @Ledger_Support will interact with the project's tweet if the Coin is below the top 100 by market cap.
  • @Ledger will interact with the project's tweet if the Coin is in the top 100 by market cap or there is a co-branded partnership with the project

Blog post / Press Release (optional)

If you choose to publish a blog post (or a press release) and the Blockchain is in top 50 CMC, the blog post can include a quote from Ledger's CEO, CTO, one of our Founders, or another c-level executive regarding the collaboration and the impact it will have on your project.

Discord AMA (optional)

We can co-host a Discord AMA surrounding the release of the app, either on the project's server or on Ledger's. You will be in touch with us to set up the details about the topic, questions, speakers, etc.

Co-branded device give-aways (optional)

Finally, Ledger offers a co-branded partnership that will help you customize your marketing and reward your community. All details from standard to dropshipping options are given on our website (opens in a new tab).


Co-branded partnerships or affiliate links do not change the Ledger marketing plan timeline.

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