Device app

The "Device App" section focuses on the development and delivery of applications for Ledger devices. From creating and testing apps to deploying them for end users, this guide provides comprehensive information on building robust and secure applications.

Develop & Test

In this section, developers will find detailed instructions on how to design, code, and test applications for Ledger devices. Learn about best practices, tools, and techniques to ensure your app is compatible and functions correctly on Ledger hardware. Click here to read the section.


The "Deliver" section covers the publication and distribution of your app to end users. Discover how to ensure that your application meets the coding requirements, that you have all the necessary deliverables prepared and the process to publish an app. Click here to read the section.


In the "References" section, you will find additional resources, links, and documentation to deepen your understanding of developing applications for Ledger devices. Click here to read the section.


To get your project going, you can start using and experimenting with the Ledger VS Code extension. Follow the three parts tutorial to learn how to use it.

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