Device app

What is a Device App?

There are three types of device apps: Classical device apps, DApp plugins, and utility applications.

Classical device apps

This is the application that allows the users to manage their crypto-assets with their Ledger devices. It is the first step to an integration of your coin or token to the Ledger environment and to an integration of your blockchain to Ledger Live. The following sections will help you develop this type of application. For more information about the role of the Ledger device app, read this Academy article (opens in a new tab).

DApp plugins

DApp Plugins are developed to integrate an Ethereum DApp to Ledger live. Ledger Live has a DApp browser where your DApp will be visible and usable through an iframe. Ethereum DApps can be developed for example to lend or borrow, swap, trade, pay with cryptoassets or manage your portfolio. The documentation for DApp plugins is in the Live App section.

For a DApp Plugins to be able to sign transactions on a Ledger Device, one needs to develop a small, specific application relying on the Ethereum application environment. This type of application is called a plugin.

Utility applications

These applications leverage Ledger technology but are not involved in managing crypto assets. They can be, for example, a password manager application, or a two-factor authentication application.

You are developing a classical device App, a utility application or a plugin, you are in the right section!

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