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Requirements and installation

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All the JavaScript code related to the Ledger Live applications is in the ledger-live monorepository. The work to integrate a Blockchain in Ledger Live will all happen in this monorepository.

Ledger Live Common (./libs/ledger-live-common) is the shared core library used by Ledger Live Desktop and Mobile, that also includes a CLI for testing purpose or for using Ledger Live features directly from a terminal (in a limited way).

This library is built upon a pretty standard ES6 + Typescript stack and relies on a bunch of ledgerjs packages, RxJS 6.x, bignumber.js and React + Redux for some front-end utilities and hooks.

It is designed to have very generic models and mechanics (for currencies, accounts, storage, synchronisation, events…) that also facilitates new blockchain integrations through flexibility. All integrated coins are implemented in a libs/ledger-live-common/src/families dedicated folder which contains the specifics of a coin family - that can be shared by multiple crypto-assets that use the same implementation (i.e. Bitcoin-like coins share the same bitcoin family).

This document only concerns new blockchain integrations using Typescript - we will use an imaginary coin named MyCoin as a walkthrough.



Development tools (used or required)

Hardware prerequisites

  • A physical device (Ledger Nano S, S Plus, X or a Stax)
  • MyCoin app installed on device



Your whole implementation of MyCoin must reside in a mycoin folder in libs/ledger-live-common/src/families/ with the exception of some changes to apply in shared code.

Here is a typical family folder structure (TS integration):

├── bridge
│   └── js.ts
├── hw-app-mycoin
│   └── MyCoin.ts
├── api.ts
├── hw-getAddress.ts
├── errors.ts
├── deviceTransactionConfig.ts
├── account.ts
├── transaction.ts
├── serialization.ts
├── cli-transaction.ts
├── logic.ts
├── cache.ts
├── preload.ts
├── react.ts
├── specs.ts
├── speculos-deviceActions.ts
├── bridge.integration.test.ts
├── test-specifics.ts
└── types.ts
You can refer to existing implementations to complete given examples, like Polkadot integration

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