Ledger Live CLI

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Set up

Clone ledger-live-common repository

cd ledger-live-common
cd cli

You can test that your local Live Common and your device works correctly by executing a CLI command like:

ledger-live version      # should print live-common version
ledger-live deviceInfo   # should display information about connected device
Ensure yarn global bin is in your $PATH. You can build automatically the CLI by running yarn watch in a separate terminal to ensure ledger-live bin is always up-to-date with your work.

If everything is fine, you are ready to start integrating your blockchain!

Ledger Live CLI cmd example

Do not forget to clean dbdata and libcoredb directories between cmds.

ledger-live sync -c bitcoin -i 0 -s native_segwit   # using device
ledger-live sync -c bitcoin --xpub 'xpub......'    # using xpub
ledger-live getAddress -c bitcoin --path "84'/0'/0'/0/0" --derivationMode ''
ledger-live send -i 0 -s segwit --recipient 13LcRWZyZnZu1xrABuAK9Ayftg4kfVs1AA --amount 0.00056 --feePerByte 5

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