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Is there a way to make changes and see them reflected on Live Desktop quicker? Follow these steps: 1. pnpm dev:lld just once to start it, 2. pnpm build:lld:deps to rebuild any changed dependencies of Ledger Live Desktop, including Ledger Live Common, 3. Reload Ledger Live Desktop without stopping it with Ctrl+R (or Cmd+R for MacOS).
Where do I store the API key for the node we set up for Ledger? First of all, you should not have an API key in the code. You can use an env variable that will hold the API key and pass the value on the runtime. You can set it with an empty value like here.
Then, when Ledger will get the API key from you, we will set up the reverse proxy with this API key. After that, we will provide you the URL of the reverse proxy.
Once the URL of the reverse proxy with you, you will not need it anymore and delete the env variable used for the API key.
I would like to receive data from Ledger Live (regarding the list of transactions displayed on Ledger Live) via API in my web application. Is it possible? Unfortunately, for now it’s not possible. You will have to retrieve the needed information directly on the blockchain.

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