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Building iOS Dev App

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This page explains how to install the Ledger Live dev app for iOS on macOS.


  1. Xcode (Download here. An Apple ID is needed)

  2. Brew

  3. The Swift toolchain 4.2.4 (download here)

  4. Having an Apple account

  5. Being a member of the Ledger iOS dev group: to check if you’re a member

    • open Xcode → Preferences… → Accounts,
    • verify that “Ledger SAS” appears as a Team member

Here, you can also check that you’re using the correct toolchain and that you have an iOS simulator installed. It is advisable to have multiple simulators.


Install dependencies using brew

brew install ruby watchman yarn

Then clone ledger-live-mobile, and cd into the folder.

git clone
cd ledger-live-mobile

Use the yarn command.


When it has finished, execute:

yarn pod

This command may fail. Like this, for example.

One solution is to run:

sudo gem install bundler:2.1.4

Then re-do the yarn and yarn pod commands.

Open a second terminal, cd into the ledger-live-mobile repository, and run:

yarn start

Wait until you see a message indicating “Loading dependency graph, done.”

Return to the first terminal, and run

yarn ios

It will compile the whole iOS application, so go and grab a coffee.

Then eventually, an iOS simulator will open, and after some time again, you’ll see a LL [DEV] application on the screen.

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