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Building Android Dev App

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Android Studio

Download and install Android Studio.

Go by default installation or custom it if you know what you are doing.

Clone ledger-live-mobile repository and install it

Install dependencies using brew

brew install ruby watchman yarn

Then clone ledger-live-mobile, and cd into the folder.

git clone
cd ledger-live-mobile

You can now use the yarn command.


Once it has finished, keep the terminal up and go back to Android Studio

Creating an emulator

Go back to Android Studio and Open an Existing Project. The targeted folder is : .../ledger-live-mobile/android

It takes some time to load the project. During this time, create an emulator (or you can use your own android device).

Click the AVD Manager icon on the upper right of Android Studio :

Create the device that you want to have for test, don’t go too low on API level or it may not work.

Then start the created device in the AVD manager.

Run ledger-live-mobile in the emulator

Go back to your terminal, and add the Android sdk path. Locate your SDK path, and add it to your env, the expected path is : export ANDROID_SDK_ROOT=/Users/<username>/Library/Android/sdk

If you have some modification you want to test from your live-common you can

yalc add @ledgerhq/live-common (if you have yalc publish your live-common) and rerun yarn install

Then you should be able to :

yarn android and it should be running on your created device

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