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To connect your app you will need to install:

Node and NPM

If not already installed, install Node & npm, choose the LTS version of your operating system. You can check if you have it installed by checking the version with the following commands:

$ node -v

$ npm -v

The commands should print the versions of Node.js and npm accordingly.

The integrations and tutorials should work with older versions of Node and npm but it has not been tested by our team.
Please remember that the React Native and the ledger packages have been updated since the creation of the documentation and there might be some breaking changes. If you encounter difficulties with more recent packages, you can downgrade to the versions used in the documentation.

Ledger Live Installation

Now that node and npm are installed, you have to install the Ledger Live desktop application to connect your Ledger device. After the installation, open Ledger Live and go to the Manager tab.

Ledger Live Prerequisites
Fig. 1: Ledger Live Prerequisites

Then connect your Ledger Nano to your computer and unlock it.

Ledger Device Unlock
Fig. 2: Ledger Device Unlock

Then Ledger Live will ask you to allow the Ledger device, just press the two buttons simultaneously to allow it.

Ledger Live Animation
Fig. 3: Ledger Live Animation

Ledger Live Notification on Ledger Device
Fig. 4: Ledger Live Notification on Ledger Device

Embedded App Installation

Now you can install the Ethereum and bitcoin application into your Ledger Nano S/X/S Plus. In this integration, we will use the Ethereum and Bitcoin application.

Ethereum App Installation
Fig. 5: Ethereum App Installation

Account Creation

To use the Bitcoin/Ethereum Embedded Apps you have to create a Bitcoin/Ethereum account. We will present there the creation of a bitcoin account but it is the same for any application supported by Ledger Live.

To create your Bitcoin account:

  • Launch the Bitcoin application on your Ledger Nano S/X/S Plus

  • Open the Bitcoin app on your ledger device

Bitcoin App Launch
Fig. 6: Bitcoin App Launch

Bitcoin App Ready
Fig. 7: Bitcoin App Ready

  • Create an account by going to the Manager tab and click on Add account.

Bitcoin App Add Account Fig. 8: Bitcoin App Add Account

  • Click on Add account button.

Bitcoin Account Creation
Fig. 9: Bitcoin Account Creation

  • Your account is created.

Bitcoin Account Selection
Fig. 10: Bitcoin Account Selection

You have now a secured bitcoin account on your Ledger Device, congratulations!

Bitcoin Account Created
Fig. 11: Bitcoin Account Created

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