First time on Discord? | Developers

First time on Discord?

Who is it for?

Ledger’s Discord server is for developers that are integrating their projects with Ledger. If you need customer support, please visit the help center.

The first time you connect to our server

Upon your first connexion to our Discord server will have access to two channels: the server-guide and the verify channel.

Please read the server guide to learn about the server rules and information about the roles on the server. You will then get verified buy clicking the requested emoji on the verification channel.

After verification

You will have access to welcome channels, dev lounge channels, dev support channels and the update category.

Please make sure you’ve introduced yourself in the #introductions channel.

You can also visit the #assign-a-role channel to gain additional features on the server. These additional features can be notifications for a specific type of event, access to private channels, or customization of your profile on the server.

Private channels

Additionnaly to the public support channels, your team will have access to a private channel to get assisted through your integration process.

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