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You have now managed to connect to the Nano.

This section describes how to call various instructions to the Nano using a Nano API.

The APIs are not written in the same way for all Nano apps. In addition, while some of them are provided by ledger, others are written by the various crypto communities.

Have a look at how they are coded and documented.

Nano APIs provided by Ledger

Here is the list of all the APIs provided

Blockchain Nano API
Algorand npm @ledgerhq/hw-app-algorand
Bitcoin npm @ledgerhq/hw-app-btc
Cosmos npm @ledgerhq/hw-app-cosmos
Elrond npm @ledgerhq/hw-app-elrond
Polkadot npm @ledgerhq/hw-app-polkadot
Tezos npm @ledgerhq/hw-app-tezos
Tron npm @ledgerhq/hw-app-trx
Ripple npm @ledgerhq/hw-app-xrp

Nano APIs provided by the crypto-asset community

You may find these libraries on the GitHub repositories written by the community. For example Cardano can be found here Cardano JS library.

We currently do not have a list of all community-developed Nano APIs. If you wish to contribute yours, please use this form.

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