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Choose the right transport

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For the client’s side device (Desktop & Mobile), several technologies can be used to communicate with Ledger hardware devices.

Based on your current service core technology, you could choose different types of integration. First of all, it will depend on your current service implementation technology.


For a web application three options are possible :

  • Web HID
  • Web USB
  • Web Bluetooth (Nano X)

WebApp Fig. 1: WebApp Transports

Getting started with WebApp integration:

Mobile Application

For Mobile applications, you can integrate through React Native libraries HID and Bluetooth for Nano X wallets.

  • React Native HID (Only Android)
  • React Native Bluetooth (Nano X)

Mobile Application Transports Fig. 2: Mobile Application Transports

Getting started with React Native Mobile App integration:

Desktop Application

For a desktop application, your option is to use Node HID Transport layer. The library is only supported on Electron/Node.js

  • Node HID

Desktop Application Transports Fig. 2: Desktop Application Transports

Getting started with Desktop App integration Node HID

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