Architecture Dataflow

Architecture Dataflow

Dataflow Overview

During a transaction handled by Ledger Device several exchanges are done between different application & hardware components. These exchanges allow to read data from Ledger Device & Sign Transactions with internal private key without sharing it.

Application Sequence Diagram Fig. 1: Application Sequence Diagram

This diagram demonstrate the sequence of different calls done by each application layer during a transaction. 5 different layers are used to handle a transaction:

  • Your Application Core Code: your software wallet
  • Ledger JS Transport API: packages that allow you to implement several kind communication between the software wallet and a Ledger hardware wallet
  • Ledger JS Dedicated App Lib: packages that allow you to communicate with specific Ledger Embedded Apps
  • Embedded App: the application that run on a Ledger hardware wallet to interact with a specific blockchain
  • Ledger Device Software: the operating system of Ledger harware devices

This workflow demonstrate a typical use case of Ledger Device using an Embedded App Lib. If you are planning to integrate with a embedded app with no API, you have to complete all actions done by LedgerJS Dedicated App Lib within your application core code.

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