Web3 Check

Web3 Check

How it works

The end goal of Web3 Check is to create a safer and more transparent Web3 space for both consumers and service providers.

It keeps users safe by scanning smart contracts before users interact with them. It checks multiple factors of a transaction such as the contract age, scam reports, and the Web3 Allowlist (opens in a new tab), and gives the user a simulation of what they are doing and the impact on the blockchain.

Wallet Preview

The Ledger Allowlist is a list of trusted dApps and their associated smart contracts. For example, we know that this SeaPort address (opens in a new tab) was deployed by OpenSea and is linked to (opens in a new tab). If the user is on a trusted DApp and interacting with a known contract, then they will not see any warnings.

Without an up to date allowlist entry, Ledger Extension users may receive the following warning on their device.

Check warning

The Web3 Check only works if the user has installed the Extension.

Updating the Allow List

Follow the instructions on the Web3 Check Allowlist repository (opens in a new tab).

Pull Requests are reviewed by the Ledger team every week. Items we look at also include the documentation and Eth scan label data.

Looking forward to listing your smart contract on the whitelist!

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