I already have a button implemented, what’s the difference?The old button did not support the extension or Ledger Live, only direct connection with the Ledger hardware wallets through the Ledgerjs libs. This required more efforts to implement and relied on regular maintenance to benefit from the latest changes.
Is the extension already available?The Ledger extension is still in beta mode. We will update the documentation when it is accessible to all.
Why should I do it now?The implementation is easy and is done once and for all. It is beneficial to implement it as soon as possible so you are ready when the Ledger extension comes. The button you implement still enables a connexion with a Ledger through Ledger Live.
Is it compatible with next.js?Yes, it is.
What chains are supported?The Ledger extension is compatible with Ethereum and will be compatible with Polygon and Solana by the time it is public. When the button falls back on Ledger Live, it is compatible with Ethereum, Polygon and BSC.
Will support for other OS/browsers be available? When?The support of Chrome and other OS for the Ledger extension will arrive during.
How many DApps support the connect kit?That we are aware of, four: Curve, Pancake swap, Opensea, and Zapper. But it is so easy to implement that some DApps my have added it without asking us for guidance.
Is there any additional development required once the Chrome extension is released if we have already implemented support for the Safari extension?No additional development is required, You can consider the dApp Connect Kit to be “plug and forget”. The Connect Kit itself is deployed from a CDN and the Connect Kit loader will fetch the latest version from the CDN. So any new features deployed will not require any changes from the dApp side. This includes support of new features, browsers or any other change to the Connect Kit.
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