DApp Connect Kit

What is the DApp Connect Kit?

The DApp Connect Kit lets you connect your DApps to Ledger hardware wallets. It has two components:

  • Ledger Extension (intro video) (opens in a new tab), that makes it easy to connect your Nano to Web3 directly from your browser, and also includes an advanced mechanism to verify the security of the DApp. See Web3 Check.
  • Ledger Live which is a mobile and desktop application working as hardware wallet synchronization manager and allowing Ledger users to buy, swap, grow, and manage their digital assets from the security of their hardware wallet.
  • The Ledger Extension will prevail when compatible, as it is introduced to more and more blockchains. Ledger Live will be used in other cases.
  • The LedgerJS packages will no longer be maintained.


  • Ledger Extension: is available on Safari for all Apple devices (requires iOS16+ or MacOS 12+), reach to us on Discord (opens in a new tab) for more information. Support for other desktop browsers will be added in 2023.

  • Ledger Live mobile app: Native mobile apps and other browsers on iOS and Android will trigger the Ledger Live app using a WalletConnect deeplink. Both Ledger Live on iOS and Android can also be used to connect on desktop via the WalletConnect QRcode.

  • Ledger Live desktop app: Used as a fall back on desktop browsers until the Ledger Extension support is added, and for USB connections.

Supported Blockchains and web3 apps

The compatible Blockchains are:

  • Ledger Extension: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana (soon)
  • Ledger Live app: Ethereum, Polygon & BSC (in the context of using a Ledger with a DApp)

Compatible web3 apps are found on (opens in a new tab) (Non-exhaustive list).

No maintenance required

The code is designed to be loaded at runtime from a CDN so that the logic and UI can be updated as we release new updates without the wait for wallet libraries and DApps updating package versions and releasing new builds.


Note that sometimes when DApps are updated, their Ledger Extension dialog breaks.
This happens rarely, but it is independent of Ledger's control. In this case, please refer to the DApp owner.

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